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Digital is being software-driven in business. Digital transformations are continuous by design and in method. One-time digital fixes don’t stay current for long. Software-driven transformations must be continuous to keep up with new and emerging technologies waves.

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Valid Coding

It is important to have valid code on your Web pages. Web browsers are very forgiving with bad code, but that does not guarantee that your what you meant will actually be represented accurately by the browser and to assistive technologies.

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Bug free

To write bug free code, you first have to learn how to prove that a piece of code works. A lot of developers study these techniques at the university, but they never really learn to apply them in real-life coding. Other developers (especially those without a degree) never learn formal methods in the first place, so it's a good point to start. It may look too theoretical at first sight, but this is the key to bug free programming.

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Mobile ready

the number of mobile users (and mobile devices, of course) has been constantly increasing. This trend continues and according to a recent research, in 2015 there will be more mobile devices than people on Earth. Nowadays, people surf a lot using mobile technologies, which implies that the website owners need to make their websites mobile-friendly in order attract more visitors and web developers need to learn how to do that in order to make more money.

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  • I can’t say enough about how knowledgeable WebEarl is in the area of Web Development. They indeed is a developer and can build a site from scratch. Understands functionality and is great at constructing a site that is robust and fully functioning. Ashok listens to his clients and delivers an outstanding product in a timely fashion that surpasses your initial desires. My company website was wholly designed and developed by WebEarl.

    Kimberly Morgan
  • This year, I decided i wanted to start a small business. Yeah-pretty scary enough, but I had no idea where to start. Upon much thought and consideration of our current technology, I decided to start with a website. I have created and made many websites on my own, this time I decided I wanted to invest in a professional service. I scanned the web, researched sites and came upon a pretty impressive site, that moved me, as I scrolled through the pages. I contacted the creator, who immediately offered excellent customer service. To me, creating and building a website can be so stressful, but with WebEarl, it never was. It was fun, and exciting. Even though I actually never had to learn computer language-I had so much valuable input. Ashok & Team was so patient and kind. We went over the design on the phone and he would send immediate updates. My website turned out, just as I dreamed. Its awesome, beautiful and smart.

    Tamla Boone
  • In an effort to maintain and to save the format of my previous website, WebEarl Technologies impressed me with their professionalism and efficiency. They quickly restored the format but added innovations that were more practical and functional. Back in May of 2018, I was horrified at the poor quality and lack of support from my previous web designer, which resulting in my website not being available or accessible online. As a result, my customers and prospective clients were seeking help from my competitors. Then I was referred to WebEarl Technologies Pvt Ltd, through a friend who knew that this company could quickly redesign and restore my web presence. And they surely did!

    Dr. William Depaula

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An effective Social Media marketing strategy is no longer ‘optional’ for progressive companies – it is an ESSENTIAL component of your business planning. WebEarl’s SMO Services are instrumental in driving a large volume of traffic via Social Networks to your website.Your unique SMO strategy can be uniquely designed by our experts to help market your products and services for maximum exposure via interactivity on critical online social networks.
Professional web design, development, programming and maintenance wizards give your company the edge with services based on the latest technologies and industry trends. Our skilled web designers and developers create and execute...
Is your company seeking in-depth expertise in Mobile Application Development? iPhone, Android Game Development? Custom Mobile Apps Development? You’ve arrived at your destination. At eNoah we masterfully design, develop & deploy successful...

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