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Online Staff's Current Location & Route of Employees on Map is available, Staff Tour / Visit Entry in mobile

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Care For Each

NOWO CHAT is a platform to connect two unknown persons with a COMMON interest in one place where they can CHAT according to their NEEDS and requirements.

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Nowo Chat

Bright Spark work with universities world wide to provide aspiring students best opportunities to acquire admission and process visa applications.

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Bright Spark

Find a ride to travel from city to other as well as offer a ride to find a customer for traveling using only one application

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Knock Knock is an android base application for Visitors Management. Knock Knock visitor management application which secures the Visitors data at your work-places,Field, Exhibitions & Expo and many more places.

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Knock Knock

Vivanza is the bridge between people, Medical Practitioners and the Patients and together we are a healthcare organization dedicated to improving the lives of people globally.

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Vivanza BioSciences

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