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The future of mobile is the future of online. It is how people access online content now.

About Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Mobility is the most disruptive innovation that enterprises are embracing today. Mobility empowers businesses to have access to business processes, customer requests, sales pipeline real-time & taking informed decisions on the move without having to be bound by desks. This immensely powerful innovation presents its own challenges whilst leveraging it to adapt to the current business processes. Having real time access to highly sensitive business information, besides its sheer power, can be risky as well, involving security threats.


  • Android with JAVA & Kotlin
  • iOS Swift
  • Flutter
  • React Native
  • Xamarin

Mobile Application Development

With WebEarl Technologies Pvt Ltd

Mobile has come a long way from being just a communication channel to being an information channel. Advancement in communication technology and information technology has presented us with another channel for accessing real time information coming from every possible nook & cranny on the globe delivering web content, applications and real time connectivity with people & systems that hitherto were residing in silos.

Android Application

WebEarl's team of application developers have in-depth knowledge and substantial experience in leveraging the Software Development Kit (SDK) APIs, Android Native Development Kit (NDK), emulator, and debugging resources. It is with a command on Kotlin, Java, C, C++ HTML, and CSS that enables us to deliver innovative apps. They stay informed and updated with the new versions to support customers with creating next-generation solutions. Further, as an Android application development company, we are well versed in the practical app development approach. It is in-line with our objective to help businesses reach the widest audience and achieve maximum ROI.

iOS Development

WebEarl's helps create engaging apps with its iOS Development focus. We cover the entire development cycle, right from the concept to distribution — it is with the creation of custom applications for iPhone and iPad. We serve customers across industries, ranging from banking, finance, media, logistics, Tourism, eCommerce, social media, healthcare, and hospitality.

Cross Platform Mobile Development

Multi-platform mobile application development provides the user experience and functionality of native apps with the multi-platform compatibility of mobile web apps. This approach provides the best of both worlds and has been gaining a lot of acceptance due to the trade-offs with native development and mobile web approaches. In today’s dynamic marketplace where the future is unclear, cross-platform apps provide a middle ground to achieve success for your mobile strategy.

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